Kraft Paper Shopper

Large kraft paper shopper



Local taxes excluded (where applicable)

Small, practical and colorful!

  • Environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable.
  • Very durable: made of excellent quality kraft.
  • Excellent finishes: plain kraft for white envelopes, virgin kraft for havana envelopes.
  • Twisted kraft handles.
  • Side gussets.



Paper bag from responsible sources

Grounded’s bio-based recyclable vacuum pouches are made using our carbon-negative Sugarflex™ laminates, derived from rapidly renewable plant materials. They are a monomaterial (made using only one type of polymer) suitable for recycling into #4 or soft plastic streams. Available in both high and low barrier options.

Sostenibilità del materiale:

All orders are shipped free of charge within Italy and Europe.

You will receive the template via email following your order.

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